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specializing in print and digital design
  • invitations & announcements


    custom wedding invitation and rsvp. pink with green background, stylized heart design with flowers incorporated.

    This wedding invitation is 6" X 6". The RSVP is 4.5" X 4.5". The back of both is a full color background, same as the front. Also has a Thank You card as well - not shown.

    An invitation designed with a springtime wedding in mind! Invitation is 7" X 5", and the RSVP is 5" X 3.5".

    Lavendar wedding invitation, rsvp, and thank you card. Lavendar watercolor background with dark grey lettering. Custom affordable announcements

    Lavender 5" X 7" invitation has a dreamy watercolor background.

    RSVP & Thank You card are 5" X 3.5".

    Front & back wedding invitation and RSVP. Retro look and feel. background old paper browned around edge. Palm trees. green, brown, teal

    Destination wedding invitation with a Boarding Pass flair. Perfect for that tropical destination wedding. Here you see the front and back of the invitation, and the front of the RSVP. Invitation is 9" X 4". RSVP is 5" X 3.5".

    Black and White.

    Simple but elegant. What else is there to say?

    Invitation is 6" X 6". RSVP is 5" X 3.5".

  • logo design

    Robert L Hill is an attorney. The serif font choice gives his logo is classic, elegant, and conservative look and feel, important to his profession.

    logo design for grant program, GEAR UP, MiraCosta Community College. Edgy design for young audience. Blue, green, black & white

    GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) is a national grant program usually administered by the local college in conjunction with the school district. Our local community college, MiraCosta College, wanted a logo for their newly acquired program. The design brief stated the design should appeal primarily to middle school and high school students, but also comfortable for the adult community. The look should be fresh, and standout against the other GEAR UP programs across the nation. The colors were to be the college's approved color palette.


    After a great deal of research, I knew that using gears was out - three quarters of the GEAR UP programs used some sort of gear in their logo. I chose an edgy type face to appeal to the younger audience and had the GEAR climbing the UP to symbolize the program's mission to help prepare middle and high school students for further education.

    logo design for local company, Infinite Satellite. Created mark (image) of satellite and typographic logo design. Dark blue. Also door hangers.

    The owner of Infinite Satellite wanted a logo with a contemporary look and feel but that would carry the company into the future. Both a mark and a typographic solution that were versatile, since they would be used not only on the usual business collateral such as business cards, stationary and brochures, but also on trucks and employee shirts.


    I created a mark that could stand alone, be used in conjunction with the typographic logo, as well as incorporated into the logo.

    logo design for MiraCosta College club. Black and white. Simple design for multiple uses. Images of bicycling, kayaking, swimming, hiking.

    The Outdoors Club wanted a logo that represented their primary activities.


    I chose to create icons for each of their primary activities that could be used together or separately. The individual icons could be used on t-shirts and flyers to show what their next outing would be about.

    logo design for non-profit organization Community Help Project. Image logo design - people reaching to each other across a great distance.

    The Community Hope Project is an international non profit organization. They asked for a logo that communicated people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and countries coming together to help each other.


    This logo was created in collaboration with another graphic designer, Rayane Sholy. We chose to make the people different colors to represent diversity, reaching across a great divide, coming together.

    logo design. stylized half elephant head with ear, partial trunk and tusk. black and white. Elephant Conservation Corps. Non-profit organization

    This logo required the ability to be immediately recognizable and be usable on such items as bumper stickers.


    I chose to create a silhouette of primarily the elephant's ear and tusk, with a small portion of the head and trunk. Even at a quick glance there is no doubt what this shape represents.

    The type face I chose for the word elephant is massive and slightly irregular yet elegant, reminiscent of the majestic animal itself.


  • print & digital design

    Sedona Skin Spa is a medical spa in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have two locations. They use flyers, posters and social media to advertise their specials.


    Their target market is women 25 to 55 who want younger looking skin and/or looking for permanent body hair removal.


    I created these designs for a client who belongs to a Viking club. He requested an original design of Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. He also wanted a stylized Celtic fish design for t-shirts he was having made for a fund raiser.


    Celtic knots are common in ancient Norse and Celtic designs, so I incorporated them in both designs.


    Thor's Hammer often has a face - either human or animal - worked into the design.

    Catherine Blakespear, an estate planning attorney, wanted a postcard to hand out in late October to the families at her children's elementary school. She wanted a Halloween theme with information to help get parent's thinking about the importance of estate planning, with a focus on how it could effect their children.

    Erik Pheiffer is a computer consultant who prefers not to use a photograph of himself. A number of years ago he commissioned a graphic designer to create an avatar (the smaller one to the right). The problem he encounter a few years later, was that the avatar had been created in a raster program and couldn't be enlarged without becoming blurry and pixelated. It worked great on a business card, but that was about it.

    He asked me to recreate his avatar in a vector program.


    I created the larger one to the left, and now it can be enlarged or reduced to any size and stay crisp and clear.

    The writing center at a local community college was looking for a poster to place on bulletin boards around campus to let students know there was a place to go for writing help.


    The poster had to stand out from among the many other flyers and posters on the bulletin boards, and catch the attention of students. Though the writing center obviously doesn't offer a brew, the bright colors and image definitely catch the attention of students and pulls them in to find out more.


    Community Insurance Group already had a logo, but did not have a vector file of it. The jpeg file they had was business card size.


    I solved this problem by recreating their logo as a vector image so it can be made any size. Once that problem was solved, I created new stationary and business cards utilizing their newly recreated logo.

    postcard, 2-sided mailer, business mailer for CPA. Image of sand and shoreline, words "help" written in the sand. Information of back.

    Alan Brown is a Certified Public Accountant who primarily works with small businesses.


    He wanted help with a mailer whose front side would appeal to the beach community that he serves, as well as communicate the sentiment that too many of us feel when it comes to accounting and taxes: HELP!


    The back is simple, informative, easy to read, and well organized.

    flyer & application for GEAR UP grant program. Also newsletter, logo design, bookmarks, bumper sticker, magazine ad

    GEAR UP, a grant program administered by the local college in partnership with the school district, asked me to put together an informative flyer and application for their upcoming summer program. It was important that the primary information be easy to distinguish from the body text of the flyer. I used the college's color palette to help make headings and other important information standout.

    Custom business invitation to dinner hosted by financial planner, Dimitris Magemeneas. Custom "super money man" logo.

    Dimitris Magemeneas is a financial advisor with a big personality and a great sense of humor. He asked me to create an invitation for an upcoming dinner at which he would be honoring an number of his clients. He asked that it be fun yet sophisticated. I created a green money symbol to look like the superman symbol because Dimitris refers to himself as "Money Man". I used the money symbol as a watermark and the invitations were printed on a nice quality linen paper.

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